DIY Monogrammed Tumblers – A crafty (and cheap) gift!

I try to get a little something for the people I work with every year. The problem is, when you have 10 people in your group¬†(or less and less and less than that due to layoffs – thanks, economy!), it can get a little spendy. So, I try to do something crafty (read: cheap!) so I don’t go way over budget. This year, I did this!

Oh yes, it’s a pinnable image. I’m a super-professional now.

I am kind of obsessed with these double-walled (BPA-free!) plastic cups with straws. You can ask Jack – every time I see one in a store I go all “I MUST HAVE IT NOW!” on him. Even though I have a bunch of them at home already. What can I say? I like to stay hydrated I guess.

So this year, I decided that I’d get those for my co-workers, personalize them with a monogram decal, and fill them with goodies. Easy!

What I used:

  • I got this 12-pack of BPA-free, double-walled tumblers from Amazon. (It’s all about double-walled. Friends don’t let friends need coasters.) You can obviously order smaller quantities but you won’t get as good of a price because the shipping cost is stupid expensive on the individual ones. I have a few leftover and that’s fine by me (have I mentioned my tumbler obsession?)
  • The monogram decals on the front of the cups are from here. (I got the 2.25″ cell phone sticker in “etched” color and “vine” font.) They’re super-easy to put on (took me about 5 minutes to do all of them), and they say they’re dishwasher safe. Time will tell on that one, I guess. Technically you’re supposed to hand-wash the tumblers themselves, but I’m not going to lie, that is not going to happen in my house.
  • And the cookies are a modified version of this recipe¬†(I substituted mint chocolate for half of the chocolate chips), but I assure you, mine are not as good as the original. For this purpose, you will have to make them unnaturally small – I put 16 to a sheet. It went against every one of my instincts. My buddy Candy made these for her co-workers too and filled them with homemade spiced pecans. Whatever you want to put inside them works just fine!

And that’s all it took! I ended up spending about $6 each plus whatever the cookies and ribbon and whatnot cost me (I had all of that on hand). I’m a big fan of that price.

Unrelated: I may have gone a little ribbon-crazy and also decorated the dogs.

Tis the season!

13 thoughts on “DIY Monogrammed Tumblers – A crafty (and cheap) gift!

  1. Mandy

    Thanks for your info on the tumblers. I googled…urs caught my eye becaise my name is Mandy and my son is Jack!

    Thanks and God bless

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  3. Megan McClary

    I was wonder about the sticker decal and if you had to purchase separate ones for each tumbler and how you went about ordering them?

    1. Mandy Post author

      Yes, actually – they have held up fantastically!! I made one for myself and have had absolutely no chipping, and I throw it in the dishwasher and everything.

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  7. Alex Gomez

    Do the tumblers (from amazon) unscrew so I can take the middle piece out and then add glitter to the inside?

  8. Aarti

    Sorry if you have answered this already or if this info was already stated…but are these monogram decals made out of vinyl? I don’t have a cricut and I’m scared to freehand cut so I was thinking of using stickers and sealing them with something. Do you have any suggestions?


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