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One thought on “Hornbuckle 365

  1. Ashley Harrison

    Hi, Mandy~
    I came across your blog on someone else’s post on fb, and it touched me to the core. I am so very, very sorry for your loss, and can only imagine the anguish that you and your family are feeling right now. My sister, Andrea ‘Andi’ Sloan has been battling stage 3c ovarian cancer for 7 years. She has had 4 recurrences, multiple surgeries, chemo., radiation, stem cell transplant– you name it. Last month, her doctors discovered an inoperable tumor near her colon, and have given her months to live. She is fighting to get an experimental drug that her doctors feel could help, but so far no luck getting it because it is in trial phase, and she doesn’t qualify for the trial- for whatever reason. The reason I’m writing you is just to say “thank you” for writing so honestly about your feelings. I am not yet where you are, but I experience the same sense of hopelessness and anguish and feeling of being judged by my handling of my emotions. So… just, Thank You, Mandy, for putting into words, what I have not been able to. Hugs to you, and prayers for blessings and peace for you and your whole family. ~Ashley Harrison


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