On the first day of Christmas, my small dog gave to me…

A puddle in the bed, yep, pee.

Merry Christmas Eve to us.

Apparently the dog has some issues with storms and anxiety and too many people in our house and too much stimulation and INSANITY IN GENERAL.

Good thing Jack gave me regular maid service (not a-milking, as far as I know, though I support their right to a-milking, yep, even in public) for Christmas. Via an adorably homemade “gift card.”

Oh, the cute. Also? I AM SO EXCITED.

Is it okay to hug cleaning ladies when they come over? Maybe, like, a small kiss on the mouth? I just want to know the protocol before they arrive. I don’t want to make them feel awkward or anything.

In other, more beautiful news, it snowed in Texas. On Christmas. IT WAS MAGICAL.


(Also, that’s what Jack calls out every time he throws wadded-up receipts onto the floor when he’s doing the finances. It’s both adorable and enraging.)

The actual snow was a little prettier.

Our poor cleaning ladies.

(Don’t worry. I’ll make it up to them in spooning time.)

Anyway, it was not quite our first white Christmas (though our last was a little lame), but it was the first white Christmas for Jack’s pretty new friend:

So, yeah. This week we bought a truck. Jack has been saving for a while now and they had some good incentives before Christmas, so he finally got a real live big-boy truck. With a backseat and power locks and everything. Woot woot.

Jack keeps telling people that I got him a truck for Christmas. Which is hilarious, because I work for a nonprofit. That’s like, a company that doesn’t make a profit. And also, I couldn’t get them to give me the big bow so it doesn’t count.

So, it was a pretty good Christmas for all of us. You know, minus the urine on the bed thing.

Jack also got me a breadmaker so the next time you see me I’ll probably be 800 pounds.

Worth it.

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